three hundred sixty six




a little more than pixels today…

for those of you who lived the dark ages (film):
i usually process my own e6 at home to save some major money and to feel less stingy with my shutter trigger. i found some old (who knows how old, a few years, ten years?) c41 process color negative film in my freezer. so i figured, what the hell, let me see what happens when i process e6. i assume i would get a color positive but with no idea how dense or flat it would be, let alone what colors it would be. so here we are. there will be some more of these coming in the near future. the film came out a bit flat but totally usable and with some really strange color. because it is film designed to be a negative, the brownish sky color comes from the film base color which all highlights lean. i doubt i will be going out to buy more c41 film, but this was certainly a cool experiment to use up some expired film and nearly exhausted chemistry.


thoughts? questions? ideas? requests?

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