four hundred twenty



four hundred nineteen


hello friends!
i am preparing for a month-long journey starting Saturday, so please excuse my absence. i will most likely post a few photos along the way, but otherwise my posting will resume upon return.

for those curious, i will be leaving los angeles to phoenix first to visit some family over the weekend. then monday morning off to the grand canyon. tuesday is a bit up in the air, but aiming for buckskin gulch in south utah, but if weather doesn’t permit hiking the slot canyon, may end up at lake powell/glen canyon. wednesday and thursday will be split between canyonlands and arches around moab. friday is off to boulder for a couple days. sunday will be driving to iowa to hang with the folks for just shy of two weeks. after visiting with family back home, it will be the badlands in south dakota for a night. then off to yellowstone the next day for two days. from yellowstone, the next stop is the bonneville salt flats outside salt lake city. the next night will be in reno just to see whats up and to cruise the nevada desert. from reno the next stop is yosemite for a night or two. then back to los angeles to resume the grind.

stay classy and i’ll catch you on the flip side!