six hundred thirty




six hundred twenty nine



Hello friends!

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. After the holidays we found a new place to live faster than expected and have been moving and settling in. As usual, it always takes a lot longer than expected to find everything a new place and situate in a new space. I built some huge wood cabinets for our new garage, built a new shooting table for my jewelry work, got a nice toolbox that has been long overdue and built a big raised bed for my garden over the last few weekends. My family was in town visiting for a week then we headed over to Phoenix to hang with some more family for a weekend. We went up to Canyon Lake for a boat ride which was quite a nice way to spend an afternoon. I’ve got another nice long road trip in the works for May from L.A. to Boulder and back for a family gathering. Tentatively planning to hit some cool spots in southern Utah on the way with a possible stop in Durango, then on the way back a friend will be meeting me in SLC to join on the last few legs through Nevada, Yosemite and Sequoia. Very much looking forward to it. I think I need to make this a yearly thing. Hope life is good!