six hundred sixty four



… Man makes new things out of necessity. We are such an ingenious and resourceful species. This is a charcoal oven/kiln at Ward Charcoal Ovens (State Park?) just outside Ely, Nevada. I had seen these kilns before, but in Death Vally National Park. It is rather amazing. They look identical, the same conical shape, the big hole on the upper backside, and little holes down below for ventilation. I can’t remember how old these things are, but they are quite old. The people in the area needed charcoal, so they built these huge stone kilns and made charcoal. They built them near where they needed the charcoal so they wouldn’t need to transport it too far. I believe the charcoal was then used in lime kilns to make mortar (or a component of), but I would imagine it was also used for mining purposes as there was a historic mining district nearby as well. Quite smart. It is amazing how times have changed.



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