six hundred sixty three



… A fairly large shallow pool in The Wave. It made for some nice reflections on a gloomy flat-lit day. The Wave is just over the Utah border in Arizona in a designated wilderness area called Coyote Buttes. Only 20 people are allowed permits to visit each day. It is reached by about a 3 mile hike (6 miles round trip). The trail is very vague, and in many places, nonexistent. It is only marked in 2 or 3 places with very inconspicuous markers. A large part of the hike (and the section most likely to get you lost) is on slick rock so there really aren’t any foot prints to follow. Mostly, you just look for the land marks the rangers give you and hope you are aiming in the right direction. The return hike was definitely more challenging to keep on track, and I still returned a different route than the way I went. If you get lost, it will be awhile before someone comes to find you, and there is next to zero civilization nearby. Bring a compass, the “map” the rangers give you, and your wits.


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