six hundred seventy eight




… Today I decided once again to try and push an image as far as its integrity could handle (and a little beyond). I was more or less testing the limits of the raw files that come from my new 36 megapixel Sony A7R (and hoping I could pull this sunset out from the hazy distance). It came out pretty good, but I don’t think I will be printing this one out at 22 inches wide. That said, the raw file definitely handled the abuse much better than a raw file from my previous Canon 5Dii or my smaller old Panasonic GF2 infrared camera would have. All in all, a good experiment.

The view is of a nice snowy mountain peak somewhere in central Nevada, I believe near Austin, NV on Highway 50.


If you would like to see the high resolution version of the finished image, it is posted here:

_DSC1433_DxO as Smart Object-1-5k




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