seven hundred thirty eight



… A wider view of Eureka Sand Dunes in the northern section of Death Valley National Park. Accessible from Big Pine, California via Highway 168 and Death Valley Road. Or, if you have a vehicle of means, it is accessible from the south via some backroads from the main western entrance to the park off of Highway 190. There is a narrow canyon at Steel Pass that has a few pretty big rocky crawls to climb in order to get over the pass. We came in from Big Pine and after hanging around the sand dunes a bit, we started down the backroad going south toward the main entrance to the park just to see how far we could get in my 4×4 Jeep Liberty. We made it all the way up to Steel Pass and decided not to push it up the rocky ledges and turned back down. We were just one vehicle, and if we ran into any trouble we could have been quite stuck. If we had another able 4×4 with us, we would have gone for it. I keep a hand winch, tow straps, shovel, spare gas, etc. along for emergencies, but my Jeep is still stock with all-terrain tires.



thoughts? questions? ideas? requests?

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