seven hundred forty two

the great slumber


… The Sleeping Giant rock formation in the Alabama Hills just below Mount Whitney and just west of Lone Pine, California. The Alabama Hills are an awesome place for recreation. They are easy to get to off Whitney Portal Road in the center of Lone Pine. A few miles up the road is Movie Road, a well graded gravel/dirt road that wanders through the hills with what seems like hundreds of off-shoot dirt roads of various states of maintenance that head back into different corners and pockets of the hills. Amazing free dry camping locations are plentiful all throughout the hills. Many RV’s park out in the open, but you can easily find some very hidden sheltered spots if you are tent camping or in a pickup or van camper; it can get quite windy. If you are tent camping, I would suggest investing in a small table-in-a-bag or other form of foldable table for cooking as there are no picnic tables around. There is a pretty nice standard campground a couple miles south if you prefer to pay $10 or so to have a bathroom and picnic table. The campground is not among the cool rock formations, but you do have some beautiful sweeping vistas of the mountains and valley.


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